Denim thigh high boots noodles take out

I was born and raised in San Francisco where I went to school to become an entertainment lawyer. I have been practicing entertainment law for two years and now live in Los Angeles. Once I put away my case files, everything involving food is how I love to spend my time- whether it be cooking, watching the Food Network or Travel Channel, reading about new restaurants, scrolling through endless Pinterest boards for no reason other than to oogle (and sometimes drool) at the beautiful photos of food or my personal favorite, eating.

I left entertainment litigation to pursue my true passions- food and fashion. Los Angeles (and of course God) has blessed me with so many amazing opportunities to make my dream a reality. I currently host a show called Taste of T.O. (latest episode here) exploring the food and activities in Ventury County. I am also a Real Estate Agent having the best time helping my clients sell their homes and also find their dream homes. Stir + Style is my passion project, the start of something new, and most importantly, an outlet for me to be myself and indulge in what really sparks me. 

My fascination with the aesthetics of food combined with my voracious appetite colors many aspects of my life, especially my fashion.  My love for food inspires my fashion and my love for fashion inspires the meals I cook. I created this blog to share my perspective of the world through the lens of a girl who sees new outfit ideas in her meals and delicious new dishes in her outfits. My taste in food and fashion are subtle reflections of each other, channeling the most outstanding elements of each. Also, feel free to follow my Instagram account that documents my adventures with food and fashion at @stirandstyle.