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#stirandsmile matching my top to my waffle cup! More info  here.

#stirandsmile matching my top to my waffle cup! More info here.

It started off as unintentional. Then one day, I finally became aware of where food intersected with fashion in my mind. It happened when I was working at a law firm and taking my usual lunch/shopping break. I walked into Zara, saw a dark green flowy jumpsuit, and the first thought that came to mind was a citrusy kale salad I ate while having lunch in San Francisco with a friend from high school years ago. It hit me that I associate memories of food with items of clothing, which in turn has developed my style and taste in food.

The nostalgia and positivity I experience spawned by a single bite of food inspires not only a desire to hold onto those moments, but also opens my eyes to a unique perspective of my own mind’s way of linking together two genuine passions in my life- food and fashion.

Essentially, as I style outfits, I get the chance to wear my memories. It becomes a way for me to express myself through my wardrobe and allows me to preserve those moments longer. As I said, it started off as unintentional. Now that I’m aware that my love for food and the significant impact it has on my life inspires my fashion, I am able to cherish those memories even more.

I created this blog to chronicle and document of my vision of food inspiring fashion and fashion inspiring food.

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